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Latest E-Bike News

We are genuinely excited to announce that we have a new and diverse stock of e-bikes on the showroom floor.  We have been stocking the Trek Powerfly + range for some time now.  These are power assisted mountain bikes with high quality components, Bosch Motors and 400-500AH batteries.  We have both full suspension and hardtail versions. With a motor to take the sting out of the amount effort to propel the bike along, why not choose one with knobbly tyres?  That way, you have a bit more air in your tyres to make the ride more comfy, and you can go wherever you want, off road or on!

Now we have added the KTM range to our lineup.  We have chosen to compliment the mountain bike range we already had with a selection of hybrids, for those who really have no interest in bumpy tracks or mud. These will be brilliant as tourers, or used for leisurely rides along country lanes and tracks, to the shops or the station, or to work.  You can still go off road, but the tyres equipped on the bikes are smooth and road going. Many come ready equipped with lights powered off the battery, a rack and sidestand.  One of them, the Ventura Eight Di2 (pictured) has electronic automatic gears which actually change gear for you when you start to pedal too fast or slowly. This is the biz, quite frankly, but you can over-ride your automatic gearbox when the mood takes you, just like a DSG gearbox in a VW Golf!

We have the perfect environment at Smithbrook Kilns to try these out – better than a carpark but well off the busy roads, so do pop in and have a go.  There is a phenomenon called the Electric Bike Grin, which nearly everybody, even the biggest cynics, have on their faces when they return from their lap of the estate!  We bet everyone knows someone who would enjoy an electric bike!