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Body Geometry Retul Bike Fitting

Optimise your Ride through Bike Fit

We at Beyond believe that professional bike fit is the best money anyone can spend on their cycling.   Your wheels may be the lightest and your frame the stiffest, but if you are not sitting in the correct position on the bike, there is a good chance that you are not delivering your full power through the pedals. With our state of the art Retul Muve SL bike fitting jig, combined with Vantage V7 3D Motion Capture, we can ensure you are in the best possible position to ride your best for longer.

What is the difference between having a bike set-up and a bike fit?

What is included?

Bike Set-Up

Bespoke Bike Fit

In-depth 1:1 prefit interview Yes
Discussion of physical requirements Yes Yes
Visual assessment/discussion of customer height and size of bike Yes Yes
Visual assessment and measurement of position on the bike Yes
20 Point Physical Assessment Yes
Measure and record current bike set up Yes
On bike biomechanical observation Yes
Physical on bike measurements Yes
Saddle selection and position correction Yes
Cleat placement Yes
Leg Extension and knee position Yes
Bar and stem selection and position correction Yes
Multi plane assessment for correct knee alignment Yes
Optimisation of cleat and pedal interface Yes
Recommendations for specialist insoles and wedges Yes
Comprehensive written report Yes
Post fit review Yes
Final mechanic check of all adjusted parts Yes


Now that we have put you into your optimum riding position, why not consider recording your power output and monitoring the progress of your training?  If you are putting in many hours of riding you will want to assess the effectiveness of your input on a regular basis to make sure you are doing the right thing.  Different activities require different types of training, and there is a science to ensuring you do the right training in the right proportions.

With the use of our Watt Bike Pro, we can perform a selection of tests to set the bar, and then prepare an outline training plan to help you raise it.  Later, you will want to return for a re-test to see how much more power you are producing.

We can incorporate the initial testing and training plan together with your bike fit if you like, or we perform the testing separately.


  • Bike fit only £150 (one bike only)
  • Bike fit (two bikes within 4 weeks) £225
  • Bike fit with 3D Motion Capture and Video £200
  • Post fit review – FOC
  • Ramp test/MMP test on Watt Bike, including discussion of goals and coaching advice – £60.00
  • Personalised training – Price on assessment
  • Follow up ramp testing and analysis of results – £60.00

The Bike Fitting Team

Tricia Cranwell (Specialized Body Geometry accredited bike fitter, British Cycling Level 2 Coach, Advanced Personal Trainer, Sports Coach).  Tricia comes to Beyond with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of anatomy, injury rehabilitation, sports and event training.

Jackie Roberts (Specialized Body Geometry accredited bike fitter).  Jackie has been performing bike fitting for her customers and race team for a several years and has gained a wealth of experience in this field. As four times winner of her age category in the Women’s National XC Championships, she understands the part correct bike fit plays in both road and off road riding and will help you to acheive your goals.