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Why an Electric Bike?

All the Freedom that comes with cycling, with a little helping hand

An e-bike is the perfect solution for you if you want to enjoy the freedom and health benefits of cycling, but need a little helping hand up the steep hills.

An electric bike or “e-bike” is not too different from any normal bike. If you take away the battery and motor, you’ll find that everything looks much the same and functions the same way that all bicycles do.

However, because of these extra bits, e-bikes mean you can enjoy cycling if you have any aches or pains, and enjoy cycling for longer too.

Thanks to modern technology, e-bikes are also now available in almost as many types and styles as your conventional bike. You’ll find bikes that are ideal for all sorts of situations, from your daily commute, to when you feel like tackling some rough terrain off road.

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Why choose an electric bike?

There are plenty of benefits to owning an e-bike, whether you are a seasoned cyclist or you’re thinking of taking up cycling for the first time.

Exercise you can stick to

In an increasingly sedentary world, many of us are trying to improve our wellbeing. Building cycling into your routine is a good way to get exercise, but it can be hard to keep it up, and much easier to make excuses at the first steep hill. Just like a balanced diet, an e-bike could help you stick to frequent exercise.

Go further, faster, fresher

Even if you cycle regularly, an e-bike can increase your range, helping you manage a long commute or a hilly route. If you’re considering cycling to work, but worried about being hot and sweaty on arrival, an e-bike can help you stay fresher whilst still getting to work on time.

And Finally… Electric Bikes are Fun!

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