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New Showroom

Finally after 20 years almost to the day, Beyond Mountain Bikes has moved the showroom and workshop to the front row of Smithbrook Kilns.  Our new address, 82b, is right next door to Surrey Estates, with the workshop in the adjacent unit at number 47.

Lighter, more modern, and certainly warmer, we are ready to welcome the world into our new showroom.

We will still have a range of mountain bikes and hybrids for the enthusiasts and family riders alike, but we will now be focussing strongly on our brand new state of art Body Geometry Retul Bike Fitting System, complete with 3D Motion Capture, Video and Custom Footbed Centre.  We even have a brand new digital Assometer (I leave you to work out what that might be for!)

We now have an extensive range of electric bikes on display in the showroom which offer massive fun.  Not only an opportunity for the less able or less fit to get out on their bikes, but also a great addition for those who have little time but want to get the maximum number of trails into their rides in the time available.  Just think – if you want to spend the day out touring the Downs on your bike, but your legs won’t let you, an electric bike ridden conservatively might give you up to 9 hours of assisted riding!  You still have to pedal, but the sting is taken away.