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Retul Custom Footbeds: The Most Comfy Feet Money Can Buy

Do you suffer from uncomfy feet when you are cycling?  As part of our bikefitting service, we can make you a set of Retul

custom footbeds. This is what happens:

  • We assess your arch height, length and flexibility, and your general stance.
  • We ask you to place your feet in the moulding tray and ease the glass beads inside to the shape of your foot.
  • We set the mould by creating a vacuum.
  • We heat the footbeds and place them in the mould, and then ask you to place your feet on them so that we can shape the footbeds to form.
  • After cooling, we finish the footbeds and insert them in the shoes.
  • You insert your feet into the shoes and ………  ahhhhhhhhhh! That feels nice!

Seriously, we have had such good feedback – not only are they comfortable, but also provided much needed arch support to improve the efficiency of your ride and your knee alignment, therefore preventing potential injury.  The difference from the standard footbeds is that the arch support is moulded to the contour of your foot, so no pressure or lumps where you don’t want them, and the right support where you do.  The verdict so far has been that they are very very comfortable the instant you get into them, and also when you ride the bike. We have also had reports of unexpected relief of random unexplained pressure on the outside edges of people’s feet, so definitely something of a must have, whatever the problem.

Who would benefit?

  • People with high arches
  • People with arches that collapse when weighted
  • People who pronate
  • People who suffer from hotfoot (toe numbness)
  • People who suffer foot discomfort
  • People who feel pressure on the outside edge of their foot when pedalling
  • People who love comfy feet!

Come in for an assessment and try a pair – you won’t regret it! We can make you a pair either as part of a bikefit or seperately.

Here is what one of our customers have said:

“Needed something to stop my arthritic feet from aching on long rides and improve pedal stroke, BMB have now got some whizzy machine that moulds the perfect foot bed. Improved the comfort and performance in my rides no end. Thank you Jackie and co!” (Source –